Other Projects

I appear to have an obsessive need to organize the world into lists, compiling an otherwise overwhelming and random bunch of information into manageable, bite-sized pieces.  Arthur Krystal in a New York Times essay entitled “I’ve Got a Little List’ (12/5/2010) wrote:  “….there is something reassuring about a list, a precision and formality that makes us think we’ve got a handle on things.  Isn’t every list in reality a ceremonial flourish against amnesia and chaos.”  I couldn’t agree more!

My devotion to compiling and completing lists has resulted in two kinds of projects:  land art structures on our property in Vermont and a series of conceptual art projects that might best be described as ‘create a list of interesting things, and then complete the list.’

There are photographs and descriptions of the land art projects, though I’d invite you to visit Brownsville, Vermont for an in-person, real-time experience of seeing, touching, and being with these structures.

The conceptual art projects are quite varied but all have been stimulated by an interest in art awakened and then deepened over 50 years of marriage to my wonderful wife, Susan.  They vary from a riff on On Kawara’s postcard project to endeavors inspired by “walking artists”, Richard Long and Hamish Fulton’s, from a love of our adopted state of Vermont to a plan to visit all 50 states in pursuit of the Vogel Collection.

Read about those projects here.

Walking Broadway


Land Art


The Vogel 50x50 Collection

The 251 Club