The Law of Innocence, Michael Connelly 2020

For more than two decades Michael Connelly has been turning out superb novels of crime and detection.  He’s kept his work fresh by moving back and forth between three primary characters.  Harry Bosch was a homicide detective and fighter for the truth with the LAPD though he has now retired. Mickey Haller known as the Lincoln Lawyer because he works out of his car is a defense attorney is hated by prosecutors because he usually gets his slime ball clients off.  Finally Jack MacEvoy is a journalist who fights for the underdog.  My favorite is Bosch, but in another demonstration of his skill, Connelly has managed to tie Bosch into this story of the Lincoln Lawyer since he and Mickey are half-brothers.

This fast moving page turner revolves around Haller being arrested for murder after a former client is found shot three times and very dead in the trunk of one of his three Lincolns.  I won’t spoil the suspense by giving more of the story line but it’s a beaut!  It kept me on the edge of my chair for the 2 days it took to finish it, reading only in the morning because the tension would keep me up if I read it before bedtime!  Connelly even manages to make it up to date by introducing the COVID virus first as a story in the new about an outbreak in Wuhan and then by having personnel in the jail wearing masks.  Very realistic and believable story.

Gotta love Connelly.