One False Move, Harlan Coben 1998

Looking for a palate cleanser, something light between Proust and the equation of general relativity?  Look no further.  Coben spins tightly woven plots around a great cast of characters, and he is not particularly committed to a happy ending for all of the folks in the story.  His strong suit is the ‘laugh out loud metaphor or simile’ and they come fast and furious in this volume, a tale of kidnapping, murder, and more murder over a period of decades.  Once again, our trusty crew from MB SportsReps comes through to solve the crime if not save the client.  Myron Bolitar, 6’6″ former basketball All American at Duke, son of the Jewish Bolitars of New Jersey, and sports rep extraordinaire; Windsor Horne Lockwood III, his trusty sidekick and All American Preppy with hands of death,; Esperanza Diaz, the former Little Pochohantas of lady’s wrestling and now Myron’s partner;and Big Cindi (don’t ask!).  They combine to sort out the disappearances and deaths of Brenda Slaughter’s (she’s the big star in the new women’s basketball league) parents.  I’ve already wasted more key strokes on this book than its worth in absolute terms, but in relative terms, this is a fun way to spend some time.