The Phantom, Jo Nesbo, 2012 

Harry Hole returns from Hong Kong to exonerate the son of Rakel, Oleg who is in jail accused of murdering Gusto, a friend and fellow heroin user.  A complex plot unfolds involving all of our old friends (Truls, Mikhail, and a host of others) and the bodies pile up as Harry searches for Gusto’s killer and Dubai, the phantom-like drug lord who has Oslo in his grip.  Good suspense, lots of gore, and Harry appears to be on the brink of death, shot in the chest and head by Oleg, on the last few pages while Rakel waits to fly to Thailand to join him—-stay tuned, since Harry can’t really die and Rakel can’t really leave him.  (Does this one precede The Son , in which Harry miraculously is still alive?)