The Night Fire, Michael Connelly 2019

Harry Bosch have retired from the LAPD, but it hasn’t slowed down his crime fighting activity.  In this wonderfully engaging, page turning thriller, Bosch and his new ‘partner’ Renee Ballard, a Detective on the ‘Night Show’ in Hollywood, solve three complicated cases with hard work, great instincts, and lots of detecting.  The book begins with what appears to be the accidental death from burns of a homeless man but that death soon gets tied to a 30 year old homicide which gets tied to an apparent suicide at a downtown law firm.  I won’t give away the common denominator of these crimes so I don’t have to include a ‘spoiler alert’ but this Connelly effort is another good one in a long line of superb detective stories.  The 402 pages literally flew by and the book ends with a lead into their next adventure so there will evidently be more Bosch/Ballard fun to come.  I even learned that there are two correct spellings for a word I had been using for years, as in ‘be a good trouper’ where I had always thought it was good ‘trooper’.  Makes sense and chalk one up for Michael Connelly in this his 33rd novel.  Good fun!

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