The Dude and the Zen Master, Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman, 2012

A book length conversation between the Oscar winning actor and a Zen master who has taught around the world and founded several important non-profits to fight hunger and poverty.  The two exchange thoughts about the world, referring often to The Big Lubowski and key phrases such as The Dude is Not In, and The Dude Abides.  Glassman urges Bridges to give up his identification with self and broaden his view of the world and its possibilities as a unity, referring to the importance of the present moment (How do I get from here to here?), the use of trim-tabbing, the presence in the world of Lamed-Vov Tzadikim, and Row, Row Row your Boat, Gently Down the Stream.  Since Life is suffering and has constant ups and downs, you must treat everyone you meet as a righteous soul on account of whom the world abides and go with the flow.  Good advice even if you haven’t won an Oscar.