Running with the Mind of Mediation:  Lessons for Training Body and Mind, Sakyong Mipham, 2012

Written by an important Tibetan llama who heads the worldwide Shambala community, this is a fascinating read for any runner who wishes to meditate and any meditator who wishes to run.  In straightforward casual prose, Mipham shares his insights and experiences in how running and meditating can be synergistic in their moving of the individual to a place of inner peace and loving-kindness.  Progressing through the stages of tiger, lion, garuda (winged mythical bird), and dragon, the individual can achieve balance, contentment, joy, freedom, and appreciation for being alive.  This is an excellent read for the meditating runner.  Ironically, I finished it on the day that bursitis in my right hip and pain in both knees following a six mile run two days ago has convinced me that my running days are likely over.