Terrain:  Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating the Home and Garden, ed. Greg Lehmkuhl 2018

Terrain is a commercial garden business with stores outside Philadelphia, Bethesda, MD, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, and Wesport, CT.  They started their business ten years ago with a goal of “turn(ing) away from the mass production that characterized American gardening at the start of the 21st C.” Their book has beautiful color photographs and detailed descriptions of methods for bringing the beauty of the natural world into projects for both the indoors and the garden.  Though a bit heavy on wreaths and Christmas decorations, I found most interesting and helpful the sections on the various kinds of containers, the use of renewable moss, water saving fiber and growstone to create container gardens, and the plant material that thrives in various color combinations in those containers. Just the right book to read while sitting in a comfortable chair with the winter rain pelting down outside and dream of the first signs of spring in 4 months!  The final pages contain four useful lists—their favorite US gardens, favorite arboretums in the US, favorite international plant destinations, and the monthly schedule of spring flower shows around the US.