Movement and Meaning: The Landscapes of Hoerr Schaudt, Douglas Brenner 2017

Recommended in the Summer Reading issue of the New York Times Book Review, this beautiful volume presents the work of the landscape design firm, Hoerr Schaudt.  Located in Chicago and working often in the northern Chicago suburbs along Lake Michigan, in downtown Chicago (planters in the middle of Michigan Avenue, an atrium tower at Rush Medical, quads and ponds at the U. of Chicago, and roof top gardens on many major buildings), and in botanical gardens, museums, and private homes around the country, their gardens emphasize native plants, water features, major rock hardscape, and beautiful compositions that blend all these elements together in a natural manner.  This is a book for browsing beautiful photos, for generating new ideas for the garden, and for identifying new places to visit (who would have guessed that the  Des Moines Botanical Gardens would now be on my ‘to visit’ list!).  Highly recommended for the avid gardener.

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