Missing Person, Patrick Modiano, 1978 

This book, by the winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature, was a one day special!  Couldn’t put it down despite being confused most of the way through, just like the primary character, Guy, who turns out to be Jimmy Pedro Stern McEvoy.  Guy, we learn, is an amnesiac who has spent 9 years working for Hutte as a PI in Paris, though we never do learn exactly when the story is taking place, though probably in the 70’s or 80’s.  Guy slowly works his way closer and closer to the real story, though it never completely falls into place.  Freddie Howard de Luz, Denise, Olga and a supporting cast of characters (including Paris of the 1940’s before Vichy) comprise the cast of his past life.  He comes close to the full story, but he and the reader are left hanging at the end.  A superb piece of suspenseful fiction, cleverly written and making me want to read more of Modiano’s work.