Maigrat Mystified by Georges Simenon 1932

In this, his eleventh Maigret, Simenon finally gives our intrepid Chief Inspector the opportunity to solve a murder in Paris itself rather than the hinterlands, and it’s a fine one.  Monsieur Couchet is found shot through the heart at his desk in his pharmaceutical business and 360,000 francs are missing from his safe.  Suspects abound, from his mistress to his first wife and her husband, to his son, and on and on.  Maigret is twice asked “Who do you suspect” and gives his famous, insightful, and important answer, “I suspect no one”.  It is this ability to avoid Kahneman and Tversky’s error of anchoring by falling in love with your initial answer that enables Maigret in  this book and in future ones to be patient, collect information, and finally arrive at the right answer—-another Paris murder solved!