Footnotes from the World’s Greatest Bookstores, Bob Eckstein, 2016 

What a fun book!  Susan bought me this at a new downstairs bookstore in D.C. on Capitol Hill, not far from Becca, Joe and Simon’s house and what a fun read.  Eckstein has selected 78 bookstores, some of which have since closed and most of which are distinguished by their unique niche in their communities offering great books, readings, and places of tranquility or stimulation for the local citizens.  From Boston (HBS, Grolier, Commonwealth, Brattle and the long gone Wordsworth) to NYC (192, Strand, Rizzoli, and the recently gone BookCourt) to more exotic Palmer, Alaska, India, Portugal, Argentina, Scotland, Japan, Germany, and Iceland, each bookstore is depicted in a watercolor painting and a quote(s) from the current or past owner or customers.  It’s a delightful trip through book buying and book selling.  Another list of places to visit just in time for our trip to Argentina and its two entries!