Zen Gold: Mastering the Mental Game, Joseph Parent 2002

If you’re not a golfer, forget about this book.  But if you are, as I have been trying to be for the last 70 years or so, I highly recommend Zen Golf.  I have been playing at this game since childhood and for the last 23 years, I’ve met three childhood friends at various locations around the U.S. and played three rounds of fun-filled, frustrating, club-throwing, childish acting golf.  We always have a good time, but my game (as their’s) has been mired in the 100-115 strokes/18 holes rut.  I read this book in an attempt to address the mental aspects of the game and it was a fine read.  Using the acronym of PAR, the author addresses Preparation, Action, and Response using many of the tenets of mindfulness, awareness, and playing within oneself.  If you occasionally get out on the links and want to enjoy yourself more and perhaps even score better, this is a useful and practical book.  FORE!

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