​Walking to Vermont: From Times Square into the Green Mountains—A Homeward Adventure, Christopher Wren, 2004 

Reading Wren’s book for the second time was a rewarding experience, especially right after Bill Bryson’s book about walking through England.  Both authors share a penchant for wit and humor, the perfectly obscure historical detail, and a vast experience which colors their observations and heightens the reader’s enjoyment.  Wren, at the age of 65, retires from his life as an international correspondent with the NYT and heads north through Harlem, Westchester County, and finally the Appalachian and Long Trails.  His adventures on the trail are less interesting than his observations about aging and life. This is a fine read and once again, inspires me to walk from Cambridge to Brownsville. The absence of the LT and AT, however, is a distinct drawback since the walk would be largely on pavement without convenient places to sleep overnight.  I will continue to work on this, and look forward to reading Wren’s book a third time when I’ve completed the journey.