Robert B. Parker’s Revelation Robert Knott, 2017

Ugh.  What a waste of time.  I do, truly, love Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole, and Knott does have a good ear for their spare, Western dialogue, but really!  How much violence and creative treatment of violent death can be pressed into one silly book?  In this tale, Hitch and Cole chase down and kill the 9 murderers who escaped from the high security prison Cibola near the Mexican border.  Mayhem and murder fill the pages as they finally close in on the final two killers.  The final pages reveal that the primary killer, Driggs, is the son of Appaloosa’s leading citizen, Mr. Vernon VanderVort, who goes out in a flurry of bullets but not before killing his son and wife.  Ugh, again.