Real Tigers, Mick Herron 2016

Jackson Lamb and his crew of M15 intelligence agents known as ‘slow horses’ because they’ve been banished to Slough House by the British Intelligence Service M-15 for various misdeeds and screw ups, become involved in domestic intrigue at the highest level of the Governmnet.  Herron takes the reader for another twisting, funny, and page turning trip through London introducing us to two new slow horses and at the end eliminating one of our favorites.  Once again, Lamb is confronted with the internal maneuverings and dirty dealings of the two women at the top of M15 but proves to always be one step ahead of them.  What makes this series so enjoyable is Herron’s ironic and vivid prose.  Here’s how he describes one of the leading characters, who starts out as an evil kidnapper but turns out to be one of the ‘good guys’: “Big Sean Donovan fit snugly into the online community where the prevailing attitude resembled what you’d get if you spliced the DNA of an only child, a Daily Mail reader, and a viciously toxic bacteria: an organism that was self-obsessed, full of pent up rage and sprayed poisonous shit everywhere.”  Herron does have a way with words! This is the perfect escape novel for those of us sheltering in place.  I’m looking forward to the next Slough House caper.

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