Projects, Andy Goldsworthy, 2017 

My inspiration for the land art I’ve created in Vermont and one of my favorite artists, Goldsworthy follows up his previous summary of work, Ephemerals, with a presentation of the work of the last 20 years in major projects.  With 44 projects from the U.S., England, Scotland, Australia, Spain, Brazil and France, Goldsworthy shows his extraordinary creativity in both conception and in his use of materials.  Working with stone primarily, he also incorporates wood, clay, and plant material to achieve spectacular creations—arches in streams and outside the St. Louis Museum of Art, cairns in culverts, watersheds, and as planters, stone houses that contain clay objects, chalk boulders changing over time, and on and on. We’ve seen two of these installations, one in St. Louis and one in Potomac, MD ,and I’d like to see more.   Inspiring and beautiful and new ideas for the land art in Vermont!