One Step Behind, Henning Mankell 2002

Mankell, who died in 2015, wrote 8 Kurt Wallander detective novels and this must be one of the best.  Wallander is an overweight, newly diabetic, divorced, driven loner who heads the detective unit in Ystad, a small city on the coast in south Sweden.  His life is slowly falling apart when he is called upon to lead his sqaud in solving 8 cold-blooded, pre-meditated murders, one involving one of his policemen. The story is taut and skillfully paced as Wallander closes in on the madman who has committed these crimes. The story is believable, chilling, and kept me turning those pages for three days. Near the end, I put the book aside so as not to finish too quickly.  I’ve read several of these Mankell books and they’ve all been excellent.  Having visited Sweden two years ago, they’re even more interesting now.  Great diversion during this time of sheltering in place.

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