Improbable Libraries, Alex Johnson, 2015

What a fun book, especially for anyone who loves books and libraries!  Johnson follows up his book entitled Bookshelf, with this volume focusing on unusual libraries.  Text and excellent photographs are gathered into chapters on Libraries on the Move, Animal Libraries, Tiny Libraries, Big Libraries, Home Libraries, Mobile Libraries, and Not Libraries.  Fascinating examples of how literacy and books are creatively brought to children and adults in the emerging world as well as in Birmingham, UK and many spots in Japan.  Once again, the creativity and beauty of modern architecture where form follows function is highlighted for me.  Favorite may be the Weapons of Mass Instruction bookmobile where a man in Buenos Aires has converted the favorite car of the military junta, the Ford Falcon, into a mobile library for the masses.  Made me eager to focus on finishing my own library in Cambridge and thinking about getting involved in the Friends of the CPL and the Brownsville Mary Blood Library in Brownsville.