Drop Shot, Harlan Coben, 1996

Myron Bolitar and Windsor Horne Lockwood III once again team up to solve a murder for no other reason than ‘it seemed like the right thing to do.”  Lockwood again manages to kill many people without working up a sweat.  Jessica continues to be sexually active and alluring.  Myron continues to be a wise guy with snappy dialogue and excellent sleuthing skills, but this novel is a bit of a stretch.  I even managed to figure out the core secret—a rare event.  Duane Richwood, Valerie Simpson, Deanna Yeller, and Senator Cross all make an appearance and the old regulars (can you be old after only 2 novels?) Frank Ache, Aaron (he won’t be coming back since Win managed to kill him), Jake the cop, Myron’s parents are all there.  Good escape.