Deep Lane, Mark Doty, 2015 

One of America’s finest poets in his ninth book, addresses the usual topics of life, love (in this case, homoerotic), and death.  As described by Clive James, there are some very fine moments in this collection whose title indicates a recurrent theme of viewing down a path into the distant future or place.   Several of those moments are as follows:  ‘Some things wear their becoming’; ‘Surface the action of the day’ (about oil painting); ‘…Could I be a little satisfied?/There’s a man who loves me. Our dogs. Fifteen,/twenty more good years, if I’m a bit careful./There’s what I have written.  It’s sunny out, /though cold.” (about finding a new barber).   Doty’s eponymous poem also appears in the Best American Poetry 2014 volume edited by Terrance Hayes.