Deep in the Green: An Exploration of Country Pleasures, Anne Raver, 1995 

Raver, the NYT gardening columnist for many years, collected her columns and published this book 22 years ago.  A delightful, low key romp through the gardens in her Ipswich home (before her divorce), her Long Island home (starting a new life in a new setting), her New York City West Village apartment (roof gardens anyone), and her four generation deep Maryland farm where her father’s death left her mother with a falling down farmhouse, barns, dairy herd, chickens etc.  We learn much about her (dog, Molly, and cat Mr. Grey) and a bit about garden history and garden techniques, but this is not a book for those looking for ‘how to do it’.  Rather, it’s a book to savor slowly, enjoying Raver’s love of nature, the garden, the sunrises and sunsets.  She’s good company for lazy summer mornings in Vermont.