Reading List 2006

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  1. Snow: Orhan Pamuk
  2. The Night in Question: Tobias Wolff
  3. Crossing to Safety: Wallace Stegner
  4. Everyman: Philip Roth
  5. The Sea: John Banville
  6. The Woman Lit by Fireflies: Jim Harrison
  7. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime: Mark Huddon
  8. Kingdom of Shadows: Alan Furst


  1. Lincoln: David Herbert Duncan
  2. Bacchus and Me: Jay McInerney
  3. Istanbul: Memories and the City: Orhan Pamuk
  4. 1453: The Holy War for Constantinople:  Roger Crowley
  5. The Dressing Station: Jonathan Kaplan
  6. The Number: Lee Eisenberg
  7. Persian Fire:The First World Empire and the Battle for the West Tom Holland
  8. The Accidental Masterpiece: Michael Kimmelman
  9. Crossword: Marc Romano
  10. Just Looking: John Updike
  11. Unconventional Success: David Swenson
  12. Assassination Vacation: Sarah Vowell


  1. A Very Good Year: Mike Weiss
  2. Stone: Andy Goldsworthy
  3. The Planets: Dana Sobol
  4. Passages: Andy Goldsworthy
  5. Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Elizabeth Kolbert
  6. The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth: O. Wilson
  7. The Plausibility of Life: Marc Kirschner and John Gerhart
  8. The Weather Makers: Tim Flannery


  1. North of Boston: Robert Frost
  2. Moment to Moment: David Budbill
  3. Mountain Interval: Robert Frost
  4. New Hampshire: Robert Frost
  5. West Running Brook: Robert Frost
  6. While We’ve Still Got Feet: David Budbill
  7. The Vigil: CK Williams
  8. A Further Range: Robert Frost


  1. S is for Silence: Sue Grafton
  2. The Lincoln Lawyer: Michael Connelly
  3. Alban’s Fire: Archer Mayor
  4. Dark Harbor: Stuart Wood
  5. Dead Watch: John Sandford
  6. Sea Change: Robert Parker
  7. Hundred Dollar Baby: Robert Parker