Reading List 2000

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  1. Infections and Inequalities, Paul Farmer
  2. Golf Dreams, John Updike
  3. Elegy for Iris, John Bayley
  4. Narcissus Leaves the Pool, Irving Epstein
  5. River Horse, William Least Moon
  6. If This House Could Talk, H. Bronsten
  7. Faster, James Gleick
  8. Second Opinion, Jerome Groopman
  9. The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell
  10. How to Read and Why, Harold Bloom
  11. The Sunflower, Simon Wiesenthal
  12. Colter, Rick Bass


  1. East of the Mountains, David Guterson
  2. The Tennis Partner, Abraham Verghese
  3. Timbuktu, Paul Auster
  4. City of Light, L. Belfer
  5. Interpreter of Maladies, S.Lahiri
  6. The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver
  7. American Pastoral, Philip Roth
  8. I Married a Communist, Philip Roth
  9. Human Stain, Philip Roth
  10. Plainsong, Kent Haruf
  11. Disgrace, JB Coetzee
  12. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Berendt
  13. Several Deceptions, Jane Stevenson
  14. The Hours, Michael Cunningham
  15. Emma, Jane Austen


  1. Winter Hours, Mary Oliver
  2. How to Read a Poem, Edward Hirsch
  3. Robert Frost’s Seasons
  4. Fooling with Words, Bill Moyers
  5. Boston/Vermont, Bill Corbett
  6. Love is What I Wanted, David Ignatow
  7. Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry, Jane Hirshfield
  8. Mayflies, Richard Wilbur
  9. Inside the Halo: Beyond Nature, Maxine Kumin
  10. New Addresses, Kenneth Koch
  11. Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller


  1. Family Honor, Robert Parker
  2. Spiral, Jeremiah Healy
  3. Hugger Mugger, Robert Parker
  4. “O” is for Outlaw, Sue Grafton
  5. Muscle Memory, William Tappley
  6. Hit List, Lawrence Block

Garden Books:

  1. The Invisible Garden, Dorothy Sucher
  2. Deep in the Green, Anne Raver
  3. Living Seasonally, Joe Eck & Wayne Witterowd