All the Old Knives, Olen Steinhauer, 2015 

The perfect book to read in one day while sick in bed, I found this book on the ‘new book’ table at the main branch of the CPL and noticed the author’s name.   He had been the interviewee in a recent NYT Book Review  By the Book column.  Well rewarded, indeed, since it is a classic spy novel where the twists and turns don’t sort themselves out until the final page.  Harry Pelham and Celia Faveraux-Harrison had been lovers and CIA spies in Vienna when a radical Islamist group hijacks a plane from Amman and ends up murdering all the 120 passengers while at the Vienna airport.  Someone in the American embassy CIA contingent had been a double agent—Harry flies to Carmel to confront and entrap Celia, but Celia is one step ahead of him.  Won’t spoil it for you with the outcome because this is a well done thriller, worth the time.