A Small Town: A Novel of Crime, Thomas Perry 2020

This was the perfect book for COVID19 escape reading.  It barely warrants a comment or two and telling much of the plot would ruin it for any of you who wish to read it, but as Marilyn Stasio said in her January, 2020 column in the Sunday NYT Book Review:  “In the end, any moral argument raised by the killings seems to interest this author less than the detailed planning behind them and the craftiness of the strategies used to execute them. Sorry to do this to you, old chum, but aren’t you awe-struck by the beauty of my technique?”  The killings Stasio refers to and Perry writes take place in the context of a huge Federal prison break outside the small town of Weldonville, CO.  After the murder and rampage spree of the escaped convicts, the Chief of the Weldonville Police Department, not surprisingly a tall, attractive blonde named Leah Hawkins goes on a vengeance crusade to find and execute the 12 prisoners who planned the escape.  Mayhem follows, but it’s well done, and the good news, is that the book occupied me for most of two days of our self sheltering sentence.

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