A Dangerous Man, Robert Crais 2019

Crais delivers another fine page turner featuring Joe Pike.  As usual, our hero is just casually walking down the street minding his own business,  when “SURPRISE” he witnesses the kidnapping of the heroine, a mild mannered bank teller whose parents, it turns out, have been in the Federal witness protection program for many years after Mom turned in her corrupt bosses who had been turning out dangerous pharmaceuticals.  Much to the bank teller’s amazement, her mother seems to have taken $19million from the bad guys when she turned ‘whistleblower’ and they want it back, having finally located her in an obscure town outside LA.  The action is non-stop as one kidnapping is foiled after another.  Elvis Cole appears at the end of the book to help Joe eliminate all the bad guys and save the maiden.  A bit silly but good fun.

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